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A multi-talented entertainer, couples like to hire Ken because of the ease, comfort, and simplicity of his providing music for all three segments of a wedding: solo acoustic guitar for the ceremony, solo acoustic guitar with voice (or mp3) for cocktails, and DJ entertainment for the reception. Couples don't have to juggle different performers, load-ins and load-outs, or worry about lateness, traffic, etc. Ken is there all day, and is very hands-on, working with the bride, groom, and coordinator, to arrive at the exact music experience they want. As for music selection for the dance floor, Ken works with couples to come up with a playlist that they like and are happy with. His goal is to provide a musical environment that leads to a stress-free, super fun, and truly memorable wedding day.


Ken has packages for all three segments of a wedding - ceremony, cocktail, and reception, and he can do a different speaker setup for each segment. For example, sometimes the ceremony is in one location (perhaps outside), but cocktails are held somewhere else (next to the ballroom), which also might be separate from the main PA for the dinner/DJ portion (inside the ballroom). Some packages also include basic lighting - two laser lights by the DJ table, for the dance floor. Additional uplighting - which really adds to an event's atmosphere, and can really warm an event space up - is also available. Photo booths are also available. Don't hesitate to request a pricing sheet! Ken is happy to talk on the phone and answer any questions that couples may have.


Indvidual packages are also available for cocktail hour, emcee, and reception, excluding ceremony. Of course, if the couple has different music in mind for the ceremony and reception, Ken's DJ services are available as a stand-alone option. And yes, he works with different budgets, to come up with an unforgettable wedding experience that works for everyone.

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